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Group Video Measuring System
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Update Time 2020-02-17
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The IPC series non-contact one-button measuring instrument is a high-precision, high-precision high-pixel, high-frame CCD camera, telecentric objective lens, color display, 2D data measurement software and high-precision glass table. Efficiency photoelectric measuring instrument for 2D measurement.

The instrument is mainly used for on-line inspection of workpieces, PCB surface conditions and microscopic observations, as well as contour size measurement with software support. Used in electronic components, watch industry, hardware, PCB processing, jewelry and other fields. High observation efficiency and easy to use, it is an ideal product to replace medium and low magnification microscopes.



Telecentric lens


Double telecentric

low distortion

Working distance


Field of view


Measuring accuracy




2/3 inch 5.M HDMI camera (Ethernet)


Digital control, automatic memory

Green LED parallel contour light

White LED reflective light

Measuring software


Measuring function

Point, Line, Circle, Arc, Angle, Distance, Ellipse, O-ring, groove, rectangle, parallelism and so on

Auxiliary function

Intersecting, parallel, vertical, tangent, sub-center

Geometric tolerance

Dimension tolerance, Shape and position tolerance

Measurement set number

Max 99

Test time


<5S (within 100 test sizes)

Data output

Test data, report, results judgments, etc

SPC data manage

CAD import

CAD export


Brand computer


21.5 inch monitor

Power supply

AC100~240V 50/60Hz